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2024 Calendar Collection

Authentic Letterpress Printing Specializing in high-quality custom printed goods.

We are a full service letterpress print shop located in the heart of the midwest - Omaha, NE. The deep impression of letterpress is something that’s so unique that it automatically stands out from the rest.

We specialize in high-quality printed goods. Our products mix old world printing methods with today’s modern designs. We love a clean, crisp design and impression and hope that you love our products as much as we do.

We also offer custom letterpress printing and design services. Have a custom project that you’d like to print? Contact us with any questions and to get a quote - we’d be glad to help!



  • Beautiful

    Love the quality of the paper and printing. Beautiful. Thank you! -Lisa

  • Stunning

    I appreciate the art of letterpress greatly and this calendar is just stunning. -Alice

  • Gorgeous

    I LOVE my calendar. It’s beautiful printing and the stand makes it a gorgeous addition to my desk. -Kate

  • High Quality Paper

    Our main paper stock is 100% cotton Crane’s Lettra Letterpress Paper. It’s a thick stock that allows a deep impression and is soft and luxurious to the touch. Since it’s 100% cotton, it’s sustainable, renewable and biodegradable making it an excellent choice for an environmentally-friendly paper option.

  • Modern Techniques

    Our products are printed on letterpress machines from the late 1800s and use modern photopolymer plates that are pressed into the paper to create that deep impression that you can see and feel. By using these modern technologies, this opens up a whole world on creating new designs and products.

  • Uniqueness

    Because of the way letterpress is printed, some uniqueness and variation occur. We also weigh and hand mix all of our ink colors, which can vary slightly, but that’s what makes letterpress so great - no two products are exactly alike - each piece is unique.