Growing up I had a very active imagination. I would tinker with things all day long. I built a three foot tall ferris wheel out of legos that actually rotated (before there were kits to do the same thing). I started to build a camper that I would tow around the yard with my bike. I created countless art pieces. 

Hi - I'm Jeff. My family got our first computer when I was 12. A program called Paint Shop Pro came with it. I spent hours and hours learning that program which introduced me to the world of computer generated art. 

Fast forward quite a few years, an undergrad degree in graphic design and a masters degree in human computer interaction, Lineville Letterpress was born. We're located in Omaha, NE - right in the heart of the Silicon Prairie. People often ask where the name Lineville comes from and it comes from my husband's family is from Lineville, IA - a very small town straight south of Des Moines on the Iowa/Missouri border. 

Why letterpress? I love using my hands and creating things. I love what I can do with a computer, but there’s something about being able to create a physical piece you can hold in your hand that’s just so cool. Letterpress combines the best of both worlds - something that is beautifully designed along with a physical piece that you can hold in your hands.

When Im not designing or printing you can find me swimming, building lego designs, cooking, working on the house and yard, or playing with my dogs. 

About Our Equipment

Chandler & Price 8x12 
Our first press and the main workhorse of all my items. Margo, as we call her, has had her ups and downs but she's running great and purrs like a kitten.
Kelsey 6x9
Our quaint little tabletop press that we managed to save at an auction (where they lovingly referred to her as a “book press”). We named her Edith. We sometimes travel with Edith and do printing demos. 
Challenge Paper Cutter 
Our industrial paper cutter. We call her Agnes. Agnes is often found holding down large stacks of paper and cutting them with ease which makes our lives much easier. We use to cut everything by hand(!) and can't imagine life without this. 
Heidelberg Windmill 10x12 
Dave is our newest member of the family. We haven't got him up and running yet, but we can't wait to get started working! Well be introducing foil into our products once the windmill is up and running!
Paper Drill 
Jerry is our cute little tabletop paper drill. Drills holes through stacks of paper like butter.

About Our Studio 
What started as a small corner in the office very quickly took over a big portion of our basement. It's a bit tight, but we've made the best of our space and love working in it now! One day we would love to put a large glass garage door in to let the light flood in.
My Studio